Newsletter June 1999

Welcome to the 99.06 Stereo Society Newsletter, giving you news and links to the new bits bits.  (Thank you, the name is not Y2K compliant.)  You will find a duplicate of this newsletter, including all links, on the New page.

Thank you again for signing up, and for sending us comments, suggestions and encouragement through the site's Contact page.  We welcomed our 10.000th visitor (220,000 hits) on June 1st.  Please send all your friends over.  Forward them the E mail.  Lots of them, please.

We owe some of you E mail responses.  Please accept our profuse apologies for the delay a few of you may have experienced.  You will all hear from us by early next week.

Especially, thank you for buying our CDs and downloads.  That's our business and it's our store that keeps us in beer and sandwiches.  The lights go on and off quickly in cyberspace, and we're trying to be a bit more persistent.  Making music is a long-term investment.

Our routine is just settling down after an enormous setup effort, but we will publish the newsletter and update the site no later than the first Friday of every month.  If we haven't got anything new, we'll just tell some bad jokes.  We're a week late with this one.  It won't happen again.

Since our launch with four CDs on April 15, there has been a lot of maintenance and navigation improvement, stuff under the hood you shouldn't worry about but which should improve your enjoyment of the space.  There are several new things which we'd like you to see.

Hilly Kristal is still best known as the owner and founder of CBGB's.  With the release of his first-ever CD, Mad Mordechai, more people might realize that he started and earned his living as a musician and writer before getting absorbed into clubland.  In this new interview from a sleepy morning this May, he talks about his musical development and the state of new music now. 

We also offer sound clips of many of his comments, in RealAudio and Liquid Audio formats.  A spearate page collects all the audio clips.

Johnny Reinhard's music has been receiving considerable radio play, principally in the intense New York area (thank you).  His precocious autobiography, about growing up in Brooklyn, up to his early schooldays, will be published next month, delayed for editing while he performs on his bassoon in Moscow and Kazan.

Newly posted and available for high-resolution download is the graphic score of Raven, from his new album.

Thorne, the repertory company which brought you the brand new CD Sprawl, will be starting a new album soon, probably due for release late in the year.  Mike Thorne will be starting pre-production in about three weeks.  Mike has also posted the third chapter of his book Music In The Machine.  This one, Dancing: Into The Eighties, discusses the techniques used in dance recording production until 1987 or so, drawing on many well-known examples from his personal work.  Especially important to him is the social life that underpins and drives the music, and is its constant background

Music In The Machine's three chapters are now available on our Downloads page in text format.  You can copy them into your own word processor for printing out.  It's often more convenient to read a long piece of text that way, choosing your own font and type size.

Help Desk's Macintosh-only section is now complete, although we make constant revisions to improve it and to reflect the dizzy changes in the world around us.  The PC version based on this will follow shortly.  However, in the meantime, Windows users will feel pretty much at home with most of the explanations, since most of it is concerned with broad principles that help you understand more platform-specific software 'help' functions.  Our aim is to present a simple, non-technical, non-geek-speak introduction to the principles and use of computers and the Internet.

Quick Play will be of special interest to site visitors not sure about the mechanics of playing audio.  The installation process can be quite intimidating.  We have posted a fast-track, page to guide you through installation and setup one move at a time, providing links to download and information areas for RealAudio, Liquid Audio and MP3.  (If you find any step confusing or not direct enough, please E mail us from the Contact page at the site.  We think we've written the clearest thing, but you never know.

Party to celebrate the launch and release of our four CDs was inevitable in show business.  Even the new style.  Of course, we had to indulge ourselves.  Rather than do it properly, we left disposable cameras lying around  with consumer instructions for safe use.  We print the polite pictures here, so you can see the off-duty artists and others' faces.  We give links to all party-goers' related sites.  There are a few cameras missing.  Hello, y'all.  And a very basic thank-you is due to the bathroom artistes.

Radio. You can't exactly kick back to the music when you have to select every single track after the last one finishes.  On our newly-installed Radio page, we provide a selection of playlists of ten cuts each for you to choose from.  More will follow.  For now, we are only able to offer playlists in RealAudio, but we will implement them in Liquid Audio very soon.

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