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Stereo Society gramaphone iconStereo Society gramaphone iconThe Stereo Society Newsletter
June 2015

When you join the Stereo Society, you receive a monthly newsletter with direct links to everything new and announcements about fresh downloads etc. 
Please forward a copy to a friend.

Our last newsletter, waking up in April, was pretty general.  Here come some specifics.  Less than a month after we woke up.  (We are still congratulating each other.)
While all the pages are being upgraded with newer, more flexible links and menus, the biggest effort is going into upgrading the music-playing links.  We have to move away from the Flash player to the new html5 version, since Flash doesn’t play on all devices.  (One of the most obnoxious of companies’ fighting their format wars across our desktops is Apple’s refusal to support Adobe’s platform on the iPhone and iPad, for reasons which still don’t seem to make much sense.  Steve Jobs sez and people follow.)
Mike Thorne and BETTY's Elizabeth Ziff at the Filthy Lucre Soundscape recording sessionsSeveral of our artists have been hyperactive.  It’s hard to give precedence, so we don’t.  Local effort (ours) makes us direct you first to Thorne’s new production essay on BETTY, about making their music for the extraordinary Smithsonian installation of Darren Waterston’s Filthy Lucre.  This was a wobbly path which led to a nice piece of music which arrived in our list May 20th, shortly after the opening gala at the museum.  Not the BETTY you know (if ever anything was).  Kindly exit through the giBETTY's Filthy Lucre album cover, with link to page at the Stereo Societyft shop…and check out the accompanying new Stereo Society release Filthy Lucre, available as either CD (now) or download (soon).…

BETTYBETTY have extended their reach with the formation of The BETTY Effect.  This picks up on, and pulls together, all their pro-active activity, typically for LGBT and women’s rights.  They have played an enormous number of benefits over the years, and have regularly traveled under the sponsorship of the US State Department to lead workshops: to, among others, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Latvia and India. Find out about upcoming gigs and activities here.

Lene LovichLene Lovich, with her new band, is getting more and more active.  US fans will be pleased to know that she is planning a swing through around September, following a growing number of gigs in Europe.  See her pages for details.
Sarah Jane Morris at the Bloody Rain album launch gigSarah Jane Morris, after raising creative eyebrows and critical applause with her activist CD Bloody Rain, is looking to be very active this coming summer.  Again, follow the notes in her Stereo Society lair.

And, last, the bad news.  In a month or so, our CD prices will go up from their flat $9 from CD Baby (the links on the site connect there for direct fulfillment). Our CDs are available through many other distributors including Amazon, but the lowest prices are at CD BabyIves' Universe album cover (and will continue so).  Cost won’t go up a lot, but will reflect the scale of the production.  The economics at our end aren’t terrific.  For example, the physical Ives Universe Symphony, five years in the making, costs us over $2 per copy from the factory, 32-page booklet and all.  With quantity and dealer discounts as before, our net receipts could fall to just $2.40 per copy. 
So you have been warned.  Buy now if you are thinking of it.

Stereo Society - gramaphone imageStereo Society - gramaphone imageARTISTS' NEWS ROUND-UP
Upcoming Gigs and Activities

We're sorry to announce that The Shirt's gig at the Bowery Electric, New York City, on June 6th - announced in our last newsletter - has been cancelled.
BETTY, with link to BETTY's home page at the Stereo SocietyBETTY
13th June, DC Smithsonian:
Asia After Dark Outdoor concert
16th June, Berlin, GERMANY: Pop-up Biergarten performance for Berlin Beer Week
17th - 21st June, Riga, LATVIA: Europride performance and workshops
30th June, Hudson Square Music & Wine Festival NYC FREE Outdoor Concert Series, Women Who Rock
5th - 9th August, MichFest: Celebrate with BETTY at the 40th Anniversary of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

The Lene Lovich Band, with link to Lene's home page at the Stereo SocietyLene Lovich
6th June, London, ENGLAND - Islington Assembly Hall
13th June, Seregno, Milan, ITALY -
27th August,Entremuralhas Festival @ Castelo De Leiria, PORTUGAL

3rd October, Paycheck's Lounge, Detroit, USA
9th October, Bowery Electri
c, New York City, USA

Sarah Jane Morris
11th June, Mestre, ITALY
14th June, Chelsea Arts Club Fair, Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK
18th June, The KPH, London, UK
27th June, with Antonio Forcione, The Astor Theatre, Deal, UK
3rd July, Fleece Jazz, Boxford, Sudbury, UK
17th July, Hippodrome, London, UK - a special Summer concert with Tony Remy, Tim Cansfield, Martyn Barker, Henry Thomas, Adriano Adewale, Otis Coulter and Lilybud Dearsley
25th July, with the Fallen Angel Band, Torri del Benaco, ITALY
1st August, with Nick the Nightfly, Alghero, ITALY
2nd August, with Elisabetta, Sapri, ITALY
3rd August, Lerici, ITALY
4th August, Sestri Levante, ITALY
13th - 15th August, presenting Bloody Rain at the Edinburgh Festival, SCOTLAND - at The Ballroom @ The Assembly Room, with special lunchtime concerts from 1.45pm - 3pm.
22nd August, with Antonio Forcione, K94 Club, Kardomah94, Hull, UK

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