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The Stereo Society Newsletter
April 2015

When you join the Stereo Society, you receive a monthly newsletter with direct links to everything new and announcements about fresh downloads etc. 
forward a copy to a friend.

Computer nerd at old-fashioned desktopWhen you run a Web site, you have to dress all the time as if it’s Saturday night.  There are a lot of fashion plates out there competing for attention at the party.  We became a little dowdy as we approached our 17th year online.  Please remember: we started before Google.
Desktop image1200 pages is a lot to keep up.  As well as not staying current with content, we were dropping off the device list.  For what we were trying in streaSmart phone imageming and other basic media stuff, the online authoring world was changing.  As usual in such encounters and competition, every platform developer thinks that theirs is the center of the world.  We’ve seen many format wars fought across our consumer desktops.  Rest assured that we Web nerds have a more complicated version ot the same crass conflict resolution.  It’s different: we don’t choose our software platform and look to access stuff.  Rather, we have chosen our content platform: music and musicians and all the shades around.  And we want them accessible everywhere to everyone.
It’s taken many months, years even, but we’re almost decent now.  We’re implementing new, potentially universal technologies (such as HTML5 for audio streaming) in the hope that we can settle into a less changeable uGramophone imageniverse.  When we started up, Thorne did all the authoring in 1998.  Now, authoring is so diverse and fractured that it takes a specialist to implement (we have strict Webmistress Helen Frankel).  We’ve done a lot.  You will see contrasts in some areas, between old and new.  But now, for an increasing number of pages, you can use any device for access.  Fairly soon, you will cruise smoothly around the whole site with any piece of hardware or application that you prefer at any time.
So much for technology, which (as the fire proverb goes) is a good servant but a bad master.  We have lots of new avenues open to artists and efforts.  Interesting stuff is what drives us, not clever animations (although sometimes we can like them).  We’re adding constantly.
We’ll alert you to significant new pages as they are posted.  However, we’ve added so many in the past few months that we can’t list them all.  Maybe now is the time to wander around and see the new landscape.
See in particular our mini-sites-within-a-site:  comprehensive information banks featuring some of our most iconic artists: archive material, interviews and reviews, image galleries. recent activity and, most importantly, where to see them perform.  We've made a start with:

BETTY image with link to home page at Stereo SocietyLene Lovich image with link to Stereo Society home pageSarah Jane Morris image with link to Stereo Society home page
One routine will be to post the new activities of our associated artists, including news on performance and releases.  Here goes:
The Shirts - logo with link to The Shirts at the Stereo Society home pageDon't miss The Shirts' reunion gig, part of Max's Kansas City's 50th Anniversary Celebration - June 6th at the Bowery Electric, NYC
BETTY flyer, with link to BETTY's home page at the Stereo SocietyBETTY was challenged with breathing music into Darren Waterston’s Filthy Lucre, an immersive vision of a “resplendent ruin” based on James McNeill Whistler's masterpiece, The Peacock Room.  Don't miss them perform the results at a series of events at the Smithsonian, starting with a grand Gala After-Party in May.  Find out more here...
Upcoming gigs:
April 18th - Joe's Pub, NYC
April 23-26th - L-BEACH Germany
May 9th - Westchester NY

More gigs...
Poster for The Lene Lovich BandLene Lovich:  Click here to find out about Lene's band, formed in 2012
Upcoming gigs
including US dates (watch this space)
10th May, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND - Voodoo Rooms
6th June, London, ENGLAND - Islington Assembly Hall
3rd October, Detroit, USA - Paycheck's Lounge
9th October, New York City, USA - Bowery Electric

More gigs...

Sarah Jane Morris - Bloody Rain album cover with  link to Sarah Jane's home page at the Stereo SocietySarah Jane Morris:  Click here to find out about Sarah Jane's new album Bloody Rain, released in September 2014
Upcoming gigs:
4th May, with Antonio Forcione, The Komedia, Brighton, UK
7th May, The Ravenna Jazz Festival, Ravenna, ITALY
9th May, Hull, UK
22nd May, Porgy & Bess Jazz Club, A-1010 Wien, AUSTRIA

More gigs...


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