Newsletter November 2006 (1)

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Raven Cry Sprawl Carnival

It’s been hard work around here for the last few weeks.  From Thorne’s The Contessa’s Party, Grandma’s Goodbye has emerged as a big favorite.  Most of its lyrics are imagined words from the lady kissing her man goodbye when he leaves for the boilermaking factory very early in the morning, but the chorus is an oral circular poem still current in mid-twentieth century working Yorkshire (England):

To go to work
To make some money
To buy some bread
To make us strong
To go to work

We’ll send you a longer E mail around November 21, when it’s available, along with some other interesting news.

The Shirts are playing a set in the 6th MFA (Musicians Fight ALS) benefit show.  All money raised is donated directly to ALS-NY ( They support those suffering from ALS and their families. The money  donated goes directly to help families with this disease.

Musicians Fight ALS
(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, aka Lou Gehrig's disease) Fundraiser
Saturday,  November 18th
The Hook
18 Commerce Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
$10/admission  doors open: 7:00pm
The Shirts are slated for 9pm

We noticed that the newsletter archive has been a little messed up for the last couple of months.  All old posts are now in their correct places, back to 1999.  Hey, you could have told us…

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