Newsletter January 2005

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We finally did it.   Despite all recent recording action, our first release in three years is just now available, BETTY’s Snowbiz. It’s nice to know that Miracles Can Happen, although awful things take place at the Holiday Office Party.  Don’t let it get to you. Total running time is about 27 minutes, so we ask just $9.99.  You can preview songs for the seasonally depressed on the Stereo Society site in RealAudio.  Check out the raucous rock+roll style of Georgia or the pure vocals of Happy Holidays.

BETTY SnowbizThis isn’t a standard holiday album with jolly remakes of White Christmas and other clapped-out vehicles of seasonal exploitation.  It’s a set of all-original material without a cheesy cover tune to be heard (although there are a few passing references to faded icons).  As far as we know, Tin Pan Alley never went much on the idea of Xmas Ain’t Coming (This Year).  As we hope you’ll find out, they really missed out.

The CD is performed and recorded to the highest standards.  Rock+roll rhythm tracks were recorded at Avatar Studios New York, (formerly Power Station and still one of the finest).  Completion was at the Stereo Society studio, production as ever by Mike Thorne.  It’s right up there with the best any of us has delivered.  Guests include Genya Ravan and Gloria Steinem.

You can go straight to the Shopping page for full ordering instructions, online or by mail, as well as estimated mail times to various parts of the world. Even if you’re in Australia, you can have it within a week. You can pretend it's snowing.

Along with our new issues in the New Year, we’ll have a hi-tech shopping cart and all sorts of other electronic smoothness, but such good things take time.

In other news:
Thorne’s Bach track from his forthcoming The Contessa’s Party CD has been beaten to the light of day by the Philippines Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eugene Castillo.  The Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor for organ is one of the best-known pieces in the repertoire.  Following a request by Teldec Records in Germany, he made a free eight-minute studio fantasy on the basic material, using techno rhythms and synthesizers, piano, horn section (the Uptown Horns), congas (Johnny Folarin) and vocalise (Lene Lovich).  At Eugene Castillo’s request, he arranged the new version after the Contessa for full symphony orchestra.  It premieres in Manila this December 10.

The indefatigable Genya Ravan plays the last Tuesday of every month at New York’s Cutting Room.  Her December date is 28th. 

Sarah Jane Morris is at the Komedia in Brighton December 4, then London’s Ronnie Scott’s December 19.  Then it’s off to Milan’s Blue Note for four nights, 20/21/22 and 30.

And don’t forget BETTY play the Iota Club in Washington DC December 11 and Joe’s Pub, New York, December 17/18/19.

Please note that to implement the new coming features, we had to change server, so some site E mail pages will be rough for a few days.