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Lene Lovich’s Writing Notes

An Introduction by

Lene Lovich

I couldn’t possibly list my favorite novels or authors.  I certainly couldn’t list them in any order of merit.  Sometimes it’s the story, and sometimes it’s the way it’s told, that makes the book special.  Novels can be brilliant in some parts and tedious in others.  What I do know is that I now have tremendous respect for anyone who writes a novel.  It’s a big job.

One book that had considerable effect on me is, ‘The Night Of The Hunter’ by Davis Grubb.  It was made into a movie starring Robert Mitchim and directed by Charles Laughton.  I have to confess that I saw the film first.

Lene Lovich in the Stereo Society studioThe novel is poetic and visually stimulating.  I’m not surprised it made a very unusual and inspiring film.  The voice of the author is honest and natural.  There’s no feeling that he wrote it with a thesaurus on his knee!  It’s intelligent without being clever.  And it made me wish that I could write something that good one day.

I have done my best to write a novel.  I suspect that I haven’t reached the standard that I would like.  It’s been seen by a number of publishers in Britain.  Some have made encouraging remarks – but so far, none of them feel ready to accept it.

Publishing is a business.  I’m quite prepared to accept that my own particular brand of supernatural/western/fantasy/horrror just isn’t commercial enough.  So, if I’m serious, I’ll have to write another.  There’s no shortage of ideas.

It’s good to remain optimistic.  If there’s something wrong with the way I write, I’ll figure it out – one day.  Otherwise, it’s a case of carrying on until the time is right.  The trouble is that I now know what an effort it is.  I have no trouble with lyrics, but writing a novel is like writing three hundred songs!

P.S.  Other authors I have enjoyed are:  Philip K. Dick, Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Ackroyd, David Gemmell, John Steinbeck, Mervyn Peake, Ernest Hemmingway and many more.

P.P.S  Until I’m able to get that book published, here’s a short story – or maybe it’s just the beginning of another novel.  The working title is:  Legacy.

© Lene Lovich 1998