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Lene Lovich albums

Shadows and Dust

Ghost Story
Shape Shifter
The Insect Eater
Little Rivers
The Wicked Witch

Lead vocal, voices, saxophones: Lene Lovich
Music, backing vocals: Les Chappell
Occasional bass and synthesizers: Mike Thorne

Produced by Lene Lovich and Les Chappell with Mike Thorne
Recorded in Norfolk, England
Transfer and additional recording by James Rosenthal at the Stereo Society, New York
Mixed by Lene Lovich, Les Chappell and Mike Thorne at the Stereo Society
Mastered by Joe Lambert at Classic Sound, New York

March album art
Life  (Lovich/Chappell)
Wonderland  (Lovich/Chappell/Scott/Bradford)
Nightshift  (Lovich/Chappell)
Hold On To Love  (Lovich/Chapell)
Rage  (Lovich/Chappell)
Natural Beauty  (Lovich/Chappell)
Make Believe  (Lovich/Chappell)
Shadow Walk  (Lovich/Chappell)
Vertigo  (Lovich/Chappell)
Sharman  (Lovich/Chappell)
Wonderland (New York Dance Mix)

Additional Album Credits:
Lene Lovich: vocals, sax, trumpet, violin
Les Chappell: vocals, all other instruments
Mark Chaplin:  bass guitar on Shadow, Vertigo, Sharman
Gavin Harison: percussion on Vertigo

Recorded at H.O.M.E., Norfolk, England, and
RPM Studios, New York
Executive Producers: Douglas Leiberman & Tom Milmore
Produced by: Les Chappell & Lene Lovich

No Man's Land album art
No Man’s Land
It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz)
Tarenskeen /DeZwaan)
Blue Hotel
Walking Low
Special Star
Sister Video

Savages  (Lovich/Chappell)
Rocky Road
New Toy  (Dolby)
Cat’s Away  (Lovich/Chappell)
Details  (Lovich/Chappell)
Blue Hotel (version)  (Goldsand/Lovich/Chappell)
Never Never Land  (O’Neil)
Flex...Plus album art
Bird Song  (Lovich/Chappell)
What Will I Do Without You  (Smith)
Angels  (Lovich/Chappell)
The Night  (Gaudio/Ruzicha)
You Can’t Kill Me  (Smith)
Egghead  (Lovich/Chappell)
Wonderful One  (Lovich/Chappell)
Monkey Talk  (Lovich/Chappell)
Joan  (Lovich/Chappell)
The Freeze  (Lovich/Chappell)
New Toy  (Dolby)
Savages  (Lovich/Chappell)
Special Star  (Lovich/Chappell)
Never Never Land  (O’Neil)
Cat’s Away  (Lovich/Chappell)
Details  (Lovich/Chappell)
It’s You, Only You (Mein Shmerz)
Tarenskeen /DeZwaan)
Blue Hotel  (Goldsand/Lovich/Chappell)

Additional Album Credits:
Project Coordinator:  Andrew Sandoval
Research:  Gary Peterson, David McLees
Remastering:  Bill Inglot & Ken Perry

Stateless album art
Home  (Lovich/Chappell)
Sleeping Beauty  (Lovich/Chappell)
Lucky Number  (Lovich/Chappell)
To Tender (To Touch)  (Lovich/Chappell)
Say When  (O’Neill)
Writing On The Wall  (Lovich/Chappell)
Telepathy  (O’Neill)
Momentary Breakdown  (Lovich/Chappell)
I Think We’re Alone Now  (Cordell)
One In A 1,000,000  (Lovich/Chappell)
Tonight  (Lowe)
Be Stiff  (Casale/Lewis)
One Lonely Heart  (Lovich/Chappell)
Big Bird  (Lovich/Chappell)
The Fall  (Smith)
Blue  (Lovich/Chappell)
I Think We’re Alone Now (Japanese Version)

Additional Album Credits:
Project Coordination:  Andrew Sandoval
Research:  Gary Peterson, David McLees
Remastering:  Bill Inglot & Ken Perry