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Lene Lovich – Music

March album cover
Digital Releases

The first ever digital releases of No Man’s Land and March are now available to download in their remastered glory from Lene’s Bandcamp page.

No Mans Land album cover
Shadows and Dust, 2005

Find out about Lene’s most recent CD Shadows And Dust.
Download bundle of ten two-minute music samples, one from each CD track (19Mb): mp3 | m4a

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Flex, 1979: album review

Lene Lovich in a wedding dress poses on the album cover for her Great Expectations role, and in this case the expectations are, generally speaking fulfilled. Flex,like Lene’s increasingly elaborate wardrobe, is a work of many layers — only rather less frivolous…

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Shadows And Dust album cover

Lene contributes vocal sounds to two Thorne CDs on the Stereo Society, and co-wrote the Sprawl album song Natural Beauty with  Les Chappell.

The Contessa's Party album cover

The Contessa’s Party
Things I Didn’t Say
Dancing With B

Sprawl from 1999:
Intro: Coming Quietly
Self Imposed Exile
First Love Song
A Flower Opens Gently By
Toys Take Over
From Me To You
Le Ballet
Sexual Terrorist
Outro: Going Gently

Sprawl album cover
Flex Music

In September 2013, Lene and the band‘s guitarist, Jude Rawlins, started a record label together, Flex Music, giving her control of her back catalogue for the first time. Flex Music was launched with a limited edition handmade CD box set of her first three albums, plus a bonus CD of rarities, entitled Others: Volume 1.

Lene Lovich albums

Album cover - Lene Lovich, Shadows and Dust2005
Shadows and Dust

Album cover - Lene Lovich, March

Album cover - Lene Lovich, No Mans Land
No Man’s Land

Album cover - Lene Lovich, Flex

Lene Lovich albums