Music Distribution

Following some hiccups, our physical CD distribution is gradually getting back to normal: click on the album links on our Albums page and hit the Amazon buying links to check. Download sales continue to be available via the usual services and you can also still stream our music as usual.

The Lene Lovich Band
Formed in 2012, the Lene Lovich Band comprises:

Lene Lovich on vocals
Subterraneans frontman Jude Rawlins on guitar
Valkyrie on bass
Kirsten Morrison on keys
Morgan King on drums.

The Band made their live debut at London’s 12 Bar Club on October 29 that year. In 2013 the band undertook their first high-profile tour, concluding with shows in London and Berlin, and was the fifth act to be announced for Rebellion Festival 2013. This was swiftly followed by more dates in 2014, and is set to segue into Lene’s biggest tour of the 21st century for 2015.

A note from Lene, July 2015…

Thanks to all of you who came to the shows this year. It was our most fun tour yet, and we had some extraordinary adventures and made lots of new friends. We also played with some amazing bands, in particular we’d like to doff our hats to Skeletal Family, Vix and Her Mischiefs, and David Devant And His Spirit Wife, We also had our very own Kirsten Morrison on proud display most evenings, and her new solo album Prosperine’s Gold is about to be released on the Micro Spiral label, so do go and grab yourselves a copy if you enjoy her reverential talent as much as we do

The Lene Lovich Band onstage in Genoa
Some thoughts on 2014…

Well if there is one thing we can say for certain for the last 12 months, it has most definitely been a year…

For us, the most important development was Val joining the band. We feel completely revitalised by the energy and humour she has brought to us, and anyone who came to see us during our shows this year will know already what this means. So hurrah for Val!

If you came to the shows you’ll also have had the pleasure of our very own Kirsten Morrison doing her solo thing. It was a complete joy night after night to hear audiences fall under her spell. Other high points for us were our first shows in Italy and France. And we cannot thank our fans in Germany enough for once again welcoming us and reminding us what it’s all about.

Weird and wonderful moments included a beautiful private little gig in the German countryside, and being made to feel wonderfully at home at the Sonic Rock Solstice Festival, a space rock extravaganza in the middle of Wales. And then there was London… following on from last year’s big gigs at Cargo and the Camden Underworld, we went small and returned to the scene of our live debut, the phantasmagorical 12 Bar Club, before discovering the intimate beauty of the Hill Station, south east London’s best kept secret, an amazing reclaimed space next to St. Catherine’s Church at the top of Telegraph Hill, and conveniently just around the corner from our new studio…