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Lene Lovich – Interviews And Commentaries

This page contains excerpts from two interviews Thorne has conducted with Lene over the years, as well as various commentaries. Click on the links to listen to audio from the interviews and read the full texts, or use the menu at the top of the page.
We have plans for another interview, so keep an eye on this page for updates.

Interview, August 2005

To coincide with the release of Lene’s studio album, Shadows and Dust, produced by The Stereo Society.

Lene Lovich in 2005

“I think that my ideas are clearer and stronger now than they used to be. It used to be a big mess that we kind of had to peel away. Some of the extra bits were probably in the way. But now the ideas are much stronger and I think that comes through experience, through more focus. The ideas are so very clear that … I don’t know what to say! La, la, la…

It’s very hard to talk about ideas. They are there. In the past we used to surround our ideas with a lot of junk. Lovely junk. And we used to like every single bit of junk that was around the idea. But now I think that after a while you feel you can become more selective”.

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Interview, February 1999

“Well, I think we’re always making another record, perhaps not physically but certainly in our heads.  There are always just too many ideas. I have many of these cassettes just waiting to become further developed….”

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Lene Lovich photographed under lamp post
Lene Lovich (Lay-na Luv-itch) Dials The Lucky Number
Profile by Ruth Polsky (1979

Six months ago, Lene Lovich was the most enigmatic figure of that motley company known as the Be Stiff Tour. Dressed in thrift-shop gypsy lace, with her fiery red hair worn in two long plaits, Lovich sang in unearthly registers and interspersed her singing with frenetic bursts of saxophone. The critics, for once, were nonplussed, and could only manage an inept Patti Smith comparison that gave no…..
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Sisters Under The Skin
Commentary by Simon Frith

There’s an interesting column by Penny Valentine in the latest issue of Creem about the American press reaction to the Stiff package which visited New York just before Christmas. The New York writers heard Wreckless Eric as a profound cultural commentator, and couldn’t make any sense of Lene Lovich at all…..Read on

Hot Press (1979)


A group sit quietly on-stage, more silhouetted than seen, instruments unamplified, fooling around with some cabaret chords and chintzy songs. Occasional laughter scatters through the darkness and the rising cigarette smoke. Men with English accents lean on flight cases and comment on the set. Not exactly sardonic, but not complimentary either.

Lene Lovich - Braids on the waste lot
‘The best engineers I’ve ever met were the blokes at WDR in Germany,’ says Mike Sinclair, tour manager, sound engineer and all round good guy. ‘They approach it as an art, which is the way it should be.’ And which is the way it would be at RTE if the producers and technicians only had a chance to catch up on their tails.

More laughter – ‘They wound just like a lounge group’ laughs Sunny Ray – ‘That’s where we got them,’ replies Mike.

And into the banter moved a shave head bearing circular blue sunglasses and XXX on a black clothed frame. Les Chappell, guitarist.

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