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Production & Performance Credits

Mike Thorne’s hired-gun production and performance career lasted from 1976 to 1994. After a corporate pause working in the new media, he moved back to music again, to work only with close collaborators and on his own words and music. Didn’t stop the action, though. Music and records still flow.

* not released in this form
** not released
# performance
† production

BETTY: On The Rocks (The Stereo Society) album †

BETTY: Filthy Lucre (The Stereo Society) album †

2007Mike Thorne: Production and Performance
Thorne: Grandma’s Goodbye remixes (The Stereo Society) album #†

Thorne: Dancing With B remixes (The Stereo Society) album #†
The Shirts: Only The Dead Know Brooklyn (The Stereo Society) album †
Thorne: The Contessa’s Party
(The Stereo Society) album #†

Hilly Kristal: Mud Christmas (The Stereo Society) album #†
Ives/Reinhard: Universe Symphony (The Stereo Society) album †
Lene Lovich: Shadows And Dust (The Stereo Society) album #†

The L Word Second Season Soundtrack (Tommy Boy) album track #

BETTY: Snowbiz (The Stereo Society) album #†
BETTY: BETTY Rules! (BETTY) album #†

BETTY: Carnival (The Stereo Society) album #†

Thorne: Sprawl (The Stereo Society) album #†
Johnny Reinhard: Raven (The Stereo Society) album †
Hilly Kristal: Mad Mordechai (The Stereo Society) album #†
The Reds: Cry Tomorrow (The Stereo Society) album #†

Marc Almond: Fantastic Star (Mercury) album *#†

BETTY: Kiss My Sticky (And A Cow Will Come Out) (The Man From B.E.T.T.Y.) single #†
Carmel: World’s Gone Crazy (East-West) album tracks #†
Strangelove: Time For The Rest Of Your Life (Food/EMI) single †

Information Society: Peace & Love Inc (Tommy Boy/Warner Bros) album tracks #†
The Spelvins (Zoo/BMG) album tracks *#†

BETTY: Hello BETTY! (The Man From B.E.T.T.Y.) album #†
Blur: Leisure (Food/EMI/SBK) album tracks †
Peter Murphy: Holy Smoke (Beggars Banquet/BMG) album #†

Bronski Beat: What More Can I Say? (Jive) single †
Bronski Beat: One More Chance (Jive) single †

China Crisis: Diary Of A Hollow Horse (Virgin/A+M) album tracks †
Carmel: Napoli (London) album tracks *#†
Furniture: FooThSyncRed180.jpgd, Sex And Paranoia (Arista) album †

Laurie Anderson: Strange Angels (Warner Bros) album tracks *#†
The Uptown Horns: A Shot In The Dark (Roadside) album tracks †
The Communards: There’s More To Love (London/MCA) 12″ single †
Sir Michael Tippett: New Year, electronic interludes for opera #†

Hollywood Beyond: Save Me (Warner Bros) single *#†
The Communards: You Are My World 87 (London/MCA) single †
Carmel: All In The Game (London) single †
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Song From The Edge Of The World (Polydor/Geffen) single †
Carmel: Everybody’s Got a Little Soul (London) album †
Marianne Faithfull: Sexual Terrorist (Island) album *#†

The Reds: Band Of The Hand (3 songs) (Michael Mann/TriStar) film tracks #†
The Communards (London/MCA) album †
The Flowerpot Men: Beat City (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) (John Hughes) film soundtrack †

Til Tuesday: Voices Carry (Epic) album †
Bronski Beat/Marc Almond: I Feel Love (Phonogram) single †
Indoor Life: Searching (J-Mark/Elektra) single †
Bronski Beat: Hundreds And Thousands (London/MCA) album †
The Flowerpot Men: Walk On Gilded Splinters (Compost) single †

Carmel: The Drum Is Everything (London/Warner Bros) album †
Sherry Kean: People Talk (Capitol) album #†
The Reds: Shake Appeal (Sire) album #†
Bronski Beat: Smalltown Boy (London/MCA) single †
Swan’s Way: When The Wild Calls (Phonogram) single †
The Uptown Horns:Mike Thorne attacking old equipment with hammer You’re Cute (But Not That Cute) (EMI) single †
Roger Daltrey: Parting Should Be Painless (WEA/Atlantic) album #†
Bronski Beat: Age Of Consent (London/MCA) album †
Swan’s Way: All For Love (Phonogram) single †

Kit Hain: School For Spies (Phonogram/Mercury) album# †
Sherry Kean: Mixed Emotions (Capitol) album †
Seona Dancing: More To Lose (London) single †

Nina Hagen: Nunsexmonkrock (CBS) album †
The The: Perfect (CBS) single †
Soft Cell: Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing (Decca) album †
Rockats: Make That Move (RCA) album †
Holly Beth Vincent: Holly And The Italians (Virgin/Epic) album #†
Albania: Could This Be Love? (Stiff) single †
The The: Uncertain Smile (CBS/Sire) single †
Soft Cell: The Art Of Falling Apart (Decca/Sire) album †

Memoirs Of A Survivor (EMI/Memorial) film score #†
B-Movie: Remembrance Day (Decca) single †
Jon Anderson: Album tracks #
Kit Hain: Spirits Walking Out (Phonogram) album #†
B-Movie: Marilyn Dreams (Phonogram) single†
Soft Cell: Tainted Love (Decca/Sire) single †
Human Sexual Response: In A Roman Mood (Passport/Beggars Banquet) album #†
Soft Cell:: Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (Decca/Sire) album †

Colin Newman: A to Z (Beggars Banquet) album #†
Berlin Blondes (Odeon) album †
Soft Machine: Land Of Cockaigne (EMI) album †
John Cale: Honi Soit (A+M) album #†

The Shirts: Streetlight Shine (Capitol) album †
Wire: 154 (Harvest/Warner Bros) album #†
Urban Verbs: (Warner Bros) album †

The Shirts. (Capitol) album†
Wire: Chairs Missing (Harvest) album#†
Plaza. (Sidewalk) album#†
Metro: New Love (EMI) album *#†

Gryphon: Treason (Harvest) album †
The Roxy, London WC2 (Harvest) album †
Wire: Pink Flag (Harvest) album #†
Telephone (Pathé-Marconi) album †
Soft Machine: Alive And Well In Paris (Harvest) album †

Symphony Of Saxes (EMI) single †

Quadrafile (Hi-Fi News) album †