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Genya Ravan – Lollipop Lounge

Lollipop Lounge would be an entertaining read even if it were just another behind-the-scenes chronicle of the music biz from the fabled `60s onward. After all, Genya Ravan’s extraordinary talent has carried her through everything from Carnaby Street to CBGB’s to today’s Sirius Radio, for just a few highlights. So she has no shortage of tales to tell. And the anecdotes are in her book, to be sure–and they’re undeniably fun, and often revealing. But her story is much more than a predictable rocker autobiography. At its heart, Lollipop Lounge is the story of a complicated life begun in the midst of the Holocaust and laced with remarkable highs and lows along the way, but ultimately moving toward wholeness. In telling her story, Ravan is every bit as brave and honest on the page as she always has been on the stage.”
Ken Salzmann, for

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Cover of Genya Ravan's 'Lollipop Lounge'