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Genya Ravan – Stories To Fill Two Lifetimes

“If you were to make a Venn diagram showing the relationship between two groups — Holocaust survivors and rock stars — you’d have one pretty big circle (that would be the survivors) and one smaller one (rock stars, no matter how you define them). The part where the circles overlap would be very small. It would have one person in it. That would be Genya Ravan, née Genyusha Zelkowitz, aka Goldie Zelkowitz”… Read the rest of Genya’s February 2016 interview with the Jewish Standard.

Genya’s epic story, from holocaust survivor to pioneering rock star, record producer and radio host has been told in many ways: find out about a few of them here…

Finally, listen to Genya tell her own story in this clip from channel5 WNEW NYC, filmed in December 1977. The band is the original recording band for Urban Desire: Bobby Chen – drums, Connie Taylor – guitar, Charlie Giordano – keys, Richie Fliegler – guitar. The shots in the street were lower east side NYC and the shots in the studio were Mediasound’s studio West 57th Street. Genya sings Back In My Arms Again, from Urban Desire.