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Patsy Cole

[Before this recording, Genya Ravan had achieved several hit singles as Goldie in Goldie and the Gingerbreads, and she smiles in the center of the photo below. Much in demand, that group toured and performed with many of the household names of the sixties. In her own words, here is her story of a storytale-spontaneous session.]

“In 1966, I went to a studio in London to sing background vocals on a Georgie Fame session for Island Records. I walked in to work as a vocal section with Maggie Bell and Dusty Springfield, both friends of mine. And there were Spencer Davis, Stevie Winwood, and Georgie Fame along with his horn section. So we did a song (who remembers?).
“So…. after the session, I went over to the piano and started to play 50s-type music. I was banging away, then I started to sing, and then they all began to join in (Spencer, Stevie and all). Chris Blackwell [founder of Island Records] was there, liked what he heard and said, ‘go to the mike and do it.’

Goldie And The Gingerbreads“I did. The song was called Disappointed Bride, and it was originally done by my favorite group, the Hearts, with Baby Washington. The recording came out sounding so black, that Chris Blackwell said, ‘we can’t say it was you, Goldie [Genya Zelkowitz]’ (not to mention that I was signed exclusively to Decca Records in London). So, after giving it some thought (about three seconds), he called me Patsy Cole.

“I heard it turned out a big hit in Jamaica, something like number one, yet I never heard the finished track until just five years ago [1997]. We had to pull some strings to get a copy, since it was buried in London somewhere in the basement of Island’s Lost Tapes Department. But it does sound like a gospel singer………..

“Hey, it’s my roots, ya know.”

“Do they show?”

Here’s the complete track, now almost impossible to find…

Disappointed Bride

by Patsy Cole (aka Genya Ravan)