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Sarah Jane Morris – Interviews And Press

Sarah Jane Morris

In interview, June 2000

Sarah Jane Morris’ larger-than-life voice helped front the enormous Communards hit Don’t Leave Me This Way which was four weeks at #1 in the UK in 1986.  Before and since then she has pursued an idiosyncratic solo career…

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Sarah Jane Morris
Sarah Jane Morris

Sarah Jane Morris in Billboard, March 11, 2000

“The Communards’ Morris Returns With U.S. Debut On Irma” By Raqiyah Mays

Various press articles from 1999

Birmingham Evening Post, September 1999
The Stratford Herald, October 1999
The Evening Standard, December 1999
The Guardian, December 1999

Sarah Jane Morris in concert

Sarah Jane In The Observer

“Flame haired, extravagantly dressed, outrageously voiced, and with an inborn sense of drama, Sarah Jane Morris is a diva for our times” By Neil Spencer

Sarah Jane In Harpers & Queen
Queen’s Counsel: Russell Celyn Jones meets the singer who will neither compromise nor conform.

Sarah Jane Morris
Painting of Sarah Jane by Mike Reddish

Sarah Jane in Diva magazine, March 2001

“When I’m singing I get possessed by something, I’m floating above, yet still in control.”

Sarah Jane With Ian Shaw, Singer magazine, August 2001

“New Woman”: Ian Shaw talks to the multi-talented Sarah Jane Morris about rhythm, writing and reinvention

Sarah Jane Morris

‘A voice so deep it’s almost subterranean and so bluesy your mind pictures her suffering the night away with a litre bottle of whiskey in hand.’
Time Out

‘Vibrations which ranged from Janis Joplin to Julie London,’
Financial Times

‘A stroke of perversity to her lyrics.’
The Guardian

‘More than a great voice, she is several great voices.’
Harpers & Queen

‘Sultry and uncompromising.’
Music Week

‘The boisterous Ms. Morris is on her way… maintaining the right to wear her bra outside her jacket.’
The Guardian

‘Provocative and unorthodox.’

‘A woman worth listening to.’
Melody Maker

‘Her powerful delivery recalls something of the timbre of Nina Simone.’
The Sunday Times

‘Her cover of Loverman has been known to set off the fire sprinkler systems.’
Time Out

‘The kind of extensive vocal range Carole King and others must have longed for.’
Gay Times

‘Her excellent voice soars and swoops with the agony and ecstasy of the delta and smoky Chicago clubs.’
Daily Telegraph