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BETTY – Interviews

BETTY interviewed by Mike Thorne, Part 1February 2000: Before evolving into the wild and theatrical rock band that they are now, BETTY began as an edgy a capella/spoken word/techno beat trio. Friends since an unfortunate incarceration, fierce Elizabeth Ziff (vocals/guitar), funky Alyson Palmer (vocals, bass) and funny Amy Ziff (vocals, cello) took a trip down memory lane with producer Mike Thorne.

Elizabeth on the (very) early days: “Amy and I both grew up in a family where everybody sang all the time and basically you had to perform to get attention. Frankly, that’s how it came about. I thought that’s how everybody was until I went to school and almost got expelled in kindergarten. I realized oh, this isn’t the way people act. You aren’t supposed to have a spotlight in first grade.” 
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After a resounding response from February 2000’s BETTY interview, the girls continued their interview with Mike Thorne. This time around they speak of BETTY hovering above.
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BETTY: Love, Sex, Food and Politics, interview by Melanie McGee for Mountain Xpress Weekly Independent News, Arts & Events for Western North Carolina, November 12, 1997

“The three basic tenets of BETTY are love, sex and food,” explains Alyson Palmer, But if that daunting trinity seems too heavy for your palate, the generous vocalist and bassist also offers and alternate version of the doctrine, aimed at far lighter appetites:

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