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BETTY’s Music

BETTY on stage

BETTY: ‘Their musical prowess is evinced in their songwriting ability and voices that fit together like a dovetail joint. In the flash of a semi-quaver they can be reminiscent of R.E.M. or Ladysmith Black Mambazo, yet they are completely their own entity’ New York Post

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December 2016
New album: BETTY On The Rocks

More creative craziness as BETTY take their extraordinary sound of big close vocal harmonies stacked on top of tough rhythm sections and exotic sounds to new levels.
Recorded by Mike Thorne at The Stereo Society, New York City.

BETTY On The Rocks album art

May 2015
BETTY compose soundscape for Filthy Lucre

‘A request by the artist, Darren Waterston, that the band make acoustic fragments for his installation now showing at the Smithsonian institution in Washington DC, provoked much music. Through a couple of twists and turns, we came up with something unanticipated and unlike anything BETTY had done before.’ Read Thorne’s comments on the recording and production of BETTY’s Filthy Lucre Soundscape.

Bright & Dark
‘A shining star in an age when music has become almost disposable.’ (Amazon review)

‘Lots has happened to the girls since their last record and their experiences have inspired them to write songs that are deep, funny, melancholic, hopeful and you’ll find it hard to take this CD off repeat.

BETTY - Bright & Dark albumWith a cinematic theme, BETTY take us on a journey from the romantic and spiritual, to the sexy and evil. From the very beginning you’ll be dancing to My Baby and finish on top with King Kong and Kate Pierson (from the B52’s) will blow you away with her operatic voice.’
D. Provias, Amazon review. Buy from Amazon


BETTY Rules, the musical was based on the band’s own variably-succesful survival experiences in the radical rock+roll jungle. It finally closed its inaugural New York run on March 30 2003 after 212 performances at the Zipper Theater in New York.BETTY Rules then played Chicago for a sell-out six weeks at the Lakeshore Theatre, May 6 through June 20, 2004.

The Original Cast Recording is available on their own label, which you can purchase from Amazon

Filthy Lucre album cover

Download a bundle of three excerpts from the eleven-minute Filthy Lucre: Originamp3 | m4a

Snowbiz album cover

Download a bundle of nine long excerpts
from Snowbiz songs (11Mb): mp3 | m4a

Buy from Amazon

Carnival album cover

Download a bundle of four long track excerpts (8Mb): mp3 | m4a

BETTY is featured singing principal vocals on Thorne‘s albums: