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Johnny Reinhard’s Raven: Performers

Johnny Reinhard (composer, bassoon, recorder) is a New York-based musician directing the American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM), which he founded in 1981. He has discovered and premiered works by Percy Grainger, Edgard Varèse, Harry Partch and, most recently, the Charles Ives Universe Symphony, premiered at Lincoln Center, New York in 1997.

Paul Savior (actor) is a frequently-heard voice-over artist, Edgar Allen Poe enthusiast, and former daytime TV drama star in both Hollywood and New York.

Andrew Bolotowsky (flute) performs frequently as an AFMM Ensemble member and is a flute soloist – often emphasizing wooden flutes – with over 3000 recitals to date.

Yoshiaki Ochi (percussion) is a Tokyo-based percussionist and composer who presented three evenings of original multimedia work Visual Sonic at La Mama in New York.

Ulrich Krieger (didjeridu, saxophone) is a Berlin-based composer/performer and recipient of Germany’s DAAD government prize, who appears internationally, recording with the group B.I.C.E.

Chris Washburne (trombone) is an AFMM Ensemble member and a New York freelancer, who plays with the Syotos Latin Project and the Boston Art Quartet, and is a member of the Boston Microtonal Society.

Esther Lamneck (clarinet/tarogato) is Director of the New York University New Music Ensemble and Professor of Music, performing worldwide, often on Hungarian tarogato.

Guy Tyler (string bass) performs with the New York City Opera Orchestra and the Orchestra of St. Lukes, AFMM Ensemble, and writes for his band Texas Firewimmin.

David Grego (quartertone tuba) is a frequent AFMM performer and a soloist throughout the United States playing with Leon Redbone, La Monte Young, and the Spike Jones Band.

Tom Goldstein (chimes) is a prominent New York percussionist and has premiered numerous percussion solo works, leads Gageego, and plays with Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros, the Orchestra of St. Lukes, and the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

Ben Hume (single-hole conch shell) is a maker of traditional and original instruments, and teaches trance and awareness states through meditative improvisation and craft.

David Galt (conch shell/triton shell) is an improvising musician in New York with Chromagnon, Mysterious Tremendum, and Hot Kitty, often playing valved trombone or cornet.

Lee Gongwer (conch shell) is an inveterate New York improviser, focusing on shells, wooden flutes, and various ethnic instrument exotica, also a member of Chromagnon and Hot Kitty.

Ron Kozak (conch shell) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, usually focusing on flute, sax and clarinets, in jazz music, classical music, and interstylistically.

Don Conreaux (gong and conch shell) is a master of the gong, leader of the group Mysterious Tremendum, and embodiment of the peace offering used at the United Nations.