Season’s Greetings

BETTY flyer

Unfortunately, no one in the band remembers the photographer’s name – just that she was very cool, very nice and had a rad hog. This shot was a happy accident. BETTY was performing at the Women’s Festival of Music and Art at Yosemite, California. The park had reopened only days before, after a devastating fire that destroyed miles of trees. As a result, turnout at the festival was much lighter that year and attendees had room to roam naked and free in the middle of the wilderness.

It was such a happy time that the band decided to use this image as their holiday card. Alyson, in touch with her Romper Room roots, cut and pasted holiday decorations all over the card and included her legendary ‘Heddagetbetter’ Eggnog recipe on the back.

Design: Alyson Palmer

Holiday Card
December, 1992