BETTY flyer

Cherry Kim is a bright, fun photographer who loves to crank soulful dance music for her shoots. She shot BETTY’s laughing portrait for Ms. Magazine and has photographed many album covers. Her studio is the meeting place for many up-and-coming recording artists.

She was experimenting with cross-processing to get rich, amazing colors. Every shot on these rolls was bright and arresting, but this photo stood out as the clear choice for an album cover. BETTY made a lot of great new friends on this, the longest tour of their career to date.

Photography: Cherry Kim, Design: E. Ziff

Announcing the release of BETTY’s second full-length album, Limboland

Concert Tour: Savannah Joe’s, Boone, NC; Be Here Now, Asheville, NC; The Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA; Handlebars, Greenville, SC; 8 x 10, Baltimore, MD; The Black Cat, Washington, DC; Bottom Line, NY; Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, Canada; Lounge Axe, Chicago, IL; Pearl Street, Northampton, MA; Paradise, Boston, MA; The Arts Center, Durham, NC
September 12 – November 9, 1995