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Carl Beatty selected discography

Carl Beatty: selected discography
R – Recording
M – Mixing
C/P – Co-Production
P – Production

Artist Project
R/M Bill Evans Album “Tribute”
R Lonnie Liston Smith Album “Dreams of Tomorrow”
R/M Elvin Jones Album “Brother John”
R John Cale Album “Honi Soit
R Marianne Faithfull Album “A Child’s Adventure”
R/M Angela Bofill Album “Let Me Be The One”
Album “Too Much”
R/M Evelyn King Album “I’m So Romantic”
R/M Kajagoogoo Single “Hang On Now”
R/M Margie Joseph Single “He’s A Knockout” + 12″
R Cheryl Lynn Album “Instant Love”
R/M Lew Kirton Album “Talk To Me”
R/M Tyrone Brunson Album “Fresh”
Album “Sticky Situation”
Single “The Smurf” + 12″
R/M Melba Moore Album “Never Say Never”
R/M Lillo Thomas Album “All Of You”
Album “Let Me Be Yours”
R Dionne Warwick Album “How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye”
R Aretha Franklin Album “Jump To It”
M Single “Love Me Right” + 12″
R Luther Vandross Album “Busy Body”
Album “Never Too Much”
R/M Grandmaster Flash Album “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done”
Single “Larry’s Dance Theme”
R/M Change Album “Turn On Your Radio”
R Freddie Jackson Album “Rock Me Tonight”
R Bronski Beat Album “Age Of Consent
R Bronski Beat and Marc Almond Single “I Feel Love” + 12″
R/M Glenn Jones Album “Take It From Me”
R/M Stephanie Mills Album track – “Mystery Lady” + 12″
R Billy Ocean Single “Sad Songs”
R/M Communards Album “Communards
Single “Don’t Leave Me This Way” + 12″
12″ – “T.M.T.L.T.B.M.G.”
M Style Council Album “The Cost Of Loving”
(“Walk In The Night”)
R/M George Benson Album “Twice The Love”
(“Until You Believe”, “Tender Love”)
M Swing Out Sister 12″ – “Sweet Surrender”
R Carmel Album “Everybody’s Got A Little…Soul”
(“All In The Game”)
P/R/M Working Week Album “Surrender”
R/M Marlena Shaw Album “Love Is In Flight”
(“Before You Know It”, “I’ll Remember You”)
R/M Mica Paris/Will Downing Single “Where Is The Love”
R Jonathan Butler Album “Introducing Jonathan Butler”
Album “Lies” (various tracks)
Album “More Than Friends” (various tracks)
M Jonathan Butler “Can We Start All Over Again”, Mercury Records
M Surface Album “Second Wave”
(“I Miss”, “You Are My Everything”)
Album “Three Deep”
M Michael Urbaniak “Urban Express” – East/West Records
R B-52’s “Love Shack” – WEA Records
R Tom Jones Album “At This Moment” (title track)
R/M China Crisis Album “Diary Of A Hallow Horse”
(“St. Saviour Square”, “Prayer”)
M Third World Album “Serious Business” (various tracks)
M Kool andThe Gang Album “Sweat” (various tracks)
R Jennifer Holliday Album “I’m On Your Side” (various tracks)
R/M Furniture Album “Food, Sex, and Paranoia” –
BMG Records, U.K.
M Will Downing Album “Will Downing”
(“Dancing In The Moonlight”)
CD, “Come Together As One” (“Sometimes I Cry”)
R CD, “A Dream Fulfilled”
M CD, “Love’s The Place To Be” (“Sailing On A Dream”)
M CD, “Moods” (various tracks)
R Rachelle Farrell Track “Nothing Ever Felt Like This”
R/M The Uptown Horns CD, “The Uptown Horns Revue”, C/P Pipeline Records
M Information Society CD, “Peace and Love Inc.”, 5 songs
M Tu Luce CD, unreleased
M Zappa’s Universe
(1994 Grammy Award for
Best Rock Instrumental)
CD, Verve Records
M Walter Beasley CD, “Hanging On A String” – Atlantic Records
M Prescott Curlywolf CD, “Dang” – Doolittle Records
M Hamell on Trial CD, Doolittle/Mercury Records
R Slobberbone CD, “Crow Pot Pie” – Doolitle Records
R/M Martin Sexton CD, “Black Sheep” – Eastern Front Records
R Heijira CD, unreleased – Reprise/Warner Brothers Records
R Division Street CD, “Harbour From The Static” – Plaid Cat Records
M Anita Baker Remix, “The Final Frontier” theme from
TV’s “Mad About You”
R/M Berklee College Of Music
Student Jazz Ensembles
CD, “Summa Cum Jazz” – BMG Records
M Finn M’Coul CD, “The Long White Trail Of The Moon” –
Turnstone International
M Angry Salad CD, tracks “Stretch Armstrong” and “Empty Radio” –
Atlantic Records
M Jess Klein CD, “Wishes Well Disguised” –
Motherlode Records
R/M CD, “Guitar Album” – BMG Records
R/M The Polar Express
(2001 Grammy Nominee)
Music for reading by Liam Neeson,
Houghton Mifflin Company
R/M The Christmas Miracle
Of Jonathan Toomey
(2001 Grammy Nominee)
Music for reading by James Earl Jones,
Houghton Mifflin Company