William Blake: The Ancient Of Days (c1824)

This Blake etching (finished in gold, watercolor and gouache on paper, 9″x7″, was a cover candidate for the Universe, and the god seemed to share some of Ives’ irascible qualities. But it’s a bit too male macho and controlling, so we left it alone. Great image, though. It has the same spirit as classic Frank Frazetta heavy metal paintings from the 1970s and 80s.

Thanks for background especially to the catalog of the William Blake exhibition at the Tate, London, 2000/1, which is one of the best illustrated books about the artist. The museum also has an extensive online Blake section relating to that exhibition.
William Blake, ISBN 0-8109-5710-8 (Abrams)

Download a bundle of four five-minute excerpts from the Universe Symphony (18Mb): mp3 | m4a