'Sno Joke


written by
Hilly Kristal


May I tell you 'bout the night that I awoke
In a terrible fright

's no joke

There were bugs and things crawling over me
I couldn't much move
I was dead, y'see

's no joke, man,
's no joke

Well I opened one eye and took me a look
What I seen got me all shook
What it was chilled my spine
It was another eye looking right at mine


Hilly Kristal: Vocals
Mike Thorne: Instruments

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That's no joke

A voice from behind that eye had said
"Keep very still"
I will, I'm dead
"No you ain't, man, you're not dead
"You're just sick, sick, sick in the head

"'s no joke, man"

If I'm sick in the head as you say
What you got your cold eye looking at me that way
"I'm a psychiatrist, gonna hypnotise your mind
Gonna look inside and see what I can find"

That's no joke

With his eye looking right at min
He giggled and he laughed, he was feeling fine
And as he looked real hard he said "Y'know
"We see eye to eye. Ho ho ho
"That's a little joke man," he said
Man, that's no joke

Mad Mordechai is Hilly Kristal's only ever CD, containing a long 1991 version of his classic Mud . The little wiggly pig dances on.....

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