Le Ballet

BETTY sing Celine Dion's Le Ballet on Thorne's Sprawl CD
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In the middle of one colorless hour
Without any warning, almost by chance
I am torn apart with power
From a movement, a scent, a glance

This heart, my heart is open
And beating at your door
This heart, my heart is beating
And open at your door

Attention, le ballet va commencer
Careful, the ballet will begin

I can't understand what is happening
I think it could be a mistake
He has discovered where I am hiding
The fear and desire I embrace

These words that I'm speaking
Have no meaning, make no  sense
These words have no meaning
I speak and make no sense

Car le ballet a commencé

For the ballet has begun

He's dressed in his best with a voice dipped in honey
I melt into velvet and shine like new money
He speaks to me poetry and dreams of far away lands
I answer in pictures, paintings Florence

Dames et cavaliers, avancez

Lords and ladies, to your places

A glance at his hips to pass the test
A look when she bends, to reveal her breast
She knows the shape of his mouth and his hands
He arches his back and she understands

Car le ballet va s'allumer

For the ballet will catch fire

He knows the secrets and just what to say
With a bit more to drink all shields fall away
Finally free, skin embraces skin
Time is still, as true grace begins


Car le ballet, est bientôt terminé
For the ballet is soon over
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BEAmPk300m.gifEt la vraie vie, va commençer
And real life begins

Et oui - la vraie vie.
Yes, real life

written by Jean-Jaques Goldman

translation from the original French by Amy Ziff of BETTY

primary vocals: BETTY
Lene Lovich
Allan Schwartzberg


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