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Carol Lipnik's new art-song collection, "Almost Back to Normal" is now available!

A collaboration with luminous pianist Matt Kanelos and eclectic violin virtuoso/producer Jacob Lawson, the new album blends lush, mystical soundscapes with hints of the baroque, jaunty Brecht-Weill cabaret, old-school soul music and the avant garde, all of it imbued with Carol's signature phantasmagoria and droll, absurdist humor.

Carol Lipnik album, "Almost back to normal"
Almost Back To Normal
by Carol Lipnik

Recorded using an 1895 Steinway grand piano in the world-class sonics of Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyln, it's a collection of tersely intense songcraft and longer-scale, psychedelically-tinged mood pieces.

Produced by Jacob Lawson; Carol Lipnik - vocals and Woodrow; Matt Kanelos - 1895 Steinway Grand Piano, Casio sk-1, chord organ, keyboards; Jacob Lawson - violins, additional keyboards, background vocals

Flash Rosenberg - live drawing of The Things That Make You Grow, by Carol Lipnik

The Things That Make You Grow
See more live drawings by Flash Rosenberg

1. Oh, The Tyranny play track

2. Honey Pot play track

3. Almost Back To Normal play track

4. Crow's Nest play track

5. Sonadora Dreamer play track

6. Lost Days And Songs play track

7. The Things That Make You Grow play track

8. The Oyster And The Sand play track

9. Life Line play track

10. Some People's Souls play track

11. Farewell, Stranger play track

12. Troubled Waters play track

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Cloud Girl, by Carol Lipnik
Cloud Girl

by Carol Lipnik

Produced by Jacob Lawson and Carol Lipnik

Carol Lipnik - vox, guitar, toy piano, harpsichord; Dred Scott - piano, percussion, wurlitzer; Jacob Lawson - electric violin, electronics; Rob Jost - bass



Flash Rosenberg live drawing of Carol Lipnik's Freakhouse Blues

Freakhouse Blues
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1. Freakhouse Blues
2. Falling/ Floating
3. Last Dance
4. Traveling
5. Where You Goin'?
6. Crushed
7. Mermaid Blues
8. Morir Sonando
9. Cloud Girl

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