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Thorne is the repertory company made up of Mike Thorne and specially creative criminal associates from his past.

(Relatively) recent Thorne interviews

September 2015: read the Winter 2008 article for Oxford University’s Hertford College Newsletter. Thorne talks about how a desire to “make music I liked with people I liked” and a physics degree from Oxford University led him to work with artists as diverse as Kate Bush, the Sex Pistols and Soft Cell.

April 2012: Mike Thorne talks about Soft Cell’s Tainted Love to Sound On Sound magazine for their Classic Tracks series of articles. Read it here

August 2010: Mike Thorne chose The Doors Strange Days 1967 album for the subject of his Rewind interview for the Sounds Like Me media and news site, on August 16th 2010, with Finn Johannsen.  Read it here

Mike Thorne talks about his early days in the music business, and the development of punk rock in the late 70s. He was interviewed during November 2001 by Wilson Neate, for the Pop Matters site.

Read the first part here…and the second part here

Production and performance credits, 1976-present
Working at the Serge Modular synthesizer, March 1999Mike Thorne’s hired-gun production and performance career lasted from 1976 to 1994. After a corporate pause working in the new media, he moved back to music again, to work only with close collaborators and on his own words and music. Didn’t stop the action, though. Music and records still flow.

Selected commercial production commentaries 1974-2006
A large collection of commentary and inside anecdotes about many of the music projects with which Thorne has been associated. No-one’s dignity, least of all his, gets in the way of a good story…

Short Biography
Pimpled, understated Mike Thorne first sprang to prominence as a thin, pale tape op on Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac sessions in London during the early seventies. This natural career interlude between a physics degree and classical composition study led erratically…

The Contessa’s Party has finally begun

Dancing With B Club Mix cover

Dancing With B
After a wonderfully positive response to the Contessa by the New York dance community, back then we decided to make a collection of club mixes. The first issue was of Dancing With B. Noted New York remixer Norty Cotto contributes three mixes, and Thorne adds another three, each in radically differing styles. The CD (left) and 12″ vinyl (which has Norty’s two long mixes) are no longer available, but you can download a bundle of seven three-minute excerpts from the remixes: mp3

Grandma's Goodbye cover
Grandma’s Goodbye
The second CD, in further response, was Grandma’s Goodbye, which featured a 16′ megamix by Thorne (who holds the world record of 22′ 55″ for the CommunardsDon’t Leave Me This Way) as well as futher contributions by Norty Cotto. It just missed making the Billboard club chart, which would have been nice for a pure independent release.

More on the Grandma’s Goodbye Club Mix page, or grab a big collection of eight free excerpts from the Club CD collection, including three complete singles-length versions. 

Encyclopedia of Record Producers (entry)
(Billboard Publications, August 1999)
Mike Thorne – keyboardist, scholar, journalist, record executive, studio owner, multimedia entrepreneur, composer – is one of the most important and successful producers of punk, post-punk, technopop and new wave over the last 20 years. His productions include

God Save The Sex Pistols
Interview with Thorne, November 2002
I picked up the phone when Malcolm called, then saw them at the 100 Club in Oxford Street. Couldn’t persuade anyone else from EMI to walk over from the Marquee where their signing Giggles had just played. They weren’t hot property then, despite having featured on the cover of Melody Maker. To many, it was probably just another of Mike’s crazy projects, and since…

Sprawl album coverThe first album by Thorne: Sprawl

Listening animatedly at CBGB's in New York, c1994 photo: JR Rost
Listening animatedly at CBGB’s in New York, c1994
photo: JR Rost