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Mud At Christmas

Download a free mp3 and a piece of history:
Hilly’s 1976 CBGB holiday single,
A and B sides:

Christmas single cover

Quagmire Corner

Mud first appeared as the B side of the 1976 CBGB Christmas single.

Find out about HIlly’s Mad Mordechai album

A Muddy History
The Unauthorized Liner Note

It was Christmas morning down on the farm
All the little animals were gathered round
In the barnyard having a shindig
Having a ball

Everybody opening their Christmas presents
When an alarmed little wiggly pig screeched an awful sound
Oink oink oink he said
What is it?
What’s wrong?
What’s the matter little wiggly pig?

And this is little wiggly pig’s story

People like the virgin spring, the flowers in the wood
But me I like nature’s mother earth
To me it smells real good


In summertime when it is hot
You jump into a pool
And what do I jump into when I feel like keeping cool?

Mud.Squish squosh, o my gosh
Feels so good I’ll never wash
Goozy squoozy, feels so oozy
I like


In the autumn all the leaves are covering the ground
And as I dig beneath the leaves my heart begins to pound and pound.
You wonder what I do, perhaps
In the colder weather?
Well, I get warm water and some dirt
And I mix them up together
And I get


Oink oink


In the winter, children play
With fluffy balls of snow.
‘Can I play too,’ I ask real nice,
But what do you think they throw?


Ducks and geese and cows and hogs
And all the little animals were watching.
Chickens cackling like the dickens
Goats were butting each other
Turkeys were gobbling everything in sight
Rabbits were doing what they do best
And all the rest were having a fest

Hey little piggy
Let’s do a jiggy
I just want to cover
In a big mud puddle
Splash it on your backside
Splash it on your face
We’ll squish and squash
All over the place