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BETTY: Filthy Lucre

Snowbiz CD cover artwork

Download a bundle of three excerpts from the eleven-minute Filthy Lucre: Original, mp3 | m4a

1 Filthy Lucre: Original (11’07”)
2 BETTY & Darren Waterston: A Conversation (5’57”)
3 Filthy Lucre: Soundscape (9’ 37”)

Recorded and mixed at the Stereo Society, New York
Produced by Mike Thorne

BETTY are:
Elizabeth Ziff: vocals, guitar
Amy Ziff: vocals, cello
Alyson Palmer: vocals, bass guitar

Read Thorne’s notes on the production of Filthy Lucre

View a collection of photos from the May 2015 recording sessions

Mike Thorne and Elizabeth Ziff preparing to record