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The Contessa’s Artwork And Stories

The Contessa's Party album cover

Photo, design and composition: JR Rost
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Thorne’s production stories

With artwork, from The Contessa’s Party tracks:
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The quintessentially fabulous Contessa, whom we must venerate as the proto-goddess she clearly is, was discovered in a Notting Hill, London junk shop. In a former life, she was probably a fabulous tourist purchase from Spain’s Costa del Sol, possibly by a British family on a penny-wise vacation in the 1960s.

Despite her aristocratic background, this stylish lady had to travel under cover (no visa) to New York. She was obliged to lie head down in a black garbage bag, which was cunningly disguised as carry-on baggage, even though she had prior dinner engagements with Diane von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein that very same evening. Such is immigration into the USA, which often proves socially inconvenient.

The Contessa later confessed herself a little fatigued, unusually and privately, and was secretly thankful for an excuse not to have to rush between such essential but wearing high society engagements. But the Contessa has since, as would be expected, effortlessly regained her dignity and fabulousness.


CD Sleeve back
The Contessa's Party sleeve art

photos, design and composition: JR Rost
download a hi-res version (2Mb jpg)

Go enjoy her party album.