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Genya Ravan at CBGB

Genya Ravan 'And I Mean It' album cover imageGenya Ravan: I Won’t Sleep On The Wet Spot No More (from …And I Mean It, 1979)
Genya, now a long-term friend thanks to a 70s introduction by Hilly, is one of the most naturally raucous people I have ever met.  When such attitude connects with musical talent, you often get distinctive results.  She was a major contributor to the club in the early days, both through her productions and by just being there (see Dead Boys notes, coming in a month or two).  She took risks yet survived, and is still the same energetically challenging person today.

Genya was also the first top-level American female record producer, coming up through my favorite New York studio of the time, Mediasound (where we continued to collide until it closed).  Wet Spot is from her second solo album, having left behind Goldie and the Gingerbreads and then Ten Wheel Drive, and looks back in musical style but then while forward in punk liberation.  This isn’t her most accomplished song, but it has the finest attitude.

Actually, it is pretty good…with good lyrical social advice within.

Genya Ravan - Urban Desire album coverGenya Ravan: Jerry’s Pigeons (from Urban Desire, 1978)
This is from Genya’s first solo album, and is one of her most enduringly popular songs, judging by its reception at her solo club gigs.

Compiling this collection of CBGB of an era, I was struck by the relative loudness of all the very varied tracks.  And was so pleased that mine featured among the most raucous.  Only to be beaten by Genya’s…