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Carmel’s Home At The Stereo Society

Carmel, black and white image

The group Carmel consisted of a core Jim Par(r)is (bass), Gerry Darby (percussion) and Carmel McCourt (vocals). They came to prominence in the UK in the early 80s, making several albums and becoming widely known in Europe, especially France.

After calling it quits a few years back, they reconstituted and began playing and recording again, but have now separated permanently.

We offer commentaries on the explosive making of their earliest major-label releases and on one standout from later in their career.

Bad Day album cover

Bad Day was Carmel’s first major-label single release and became a surprise UK and European hit.

Production was intense and unusual. The large group involved hinted at the scale of things to come on the following first album.

Artwork by Serge Clerc

The Drum Is Everything album cover

The Drum Is Everything
consolidated Carmel’s position as
 a trio surrounded by anything up to 23 other musicians.

Their exceptional fusion of gospel, jazz, Africana defined a unique style. The production was similarly varied.

Artwork by Serge Clerc

Bad Day album cover

All In The Game was recorded several years after their first idiosyncratic records, and remains one of their most accomplished.

Photo: Frederique Veysset