Itchy Fingers on Snowbiz

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BETTY's Itchy Fingers on Snowbiz
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itchy fingers
itchy fingers

I have itchy fingers to get my holiday surprise
just let me feel your package before I open my eyes

itchy fingers itchy

I have itchy fingers you know how bad I can be
just let me shake your box babe don't be such a tease

I want my prezzie, give it to me
I want my prezzie, what will it be?

I have itchy fingers don’t make me sweat
just let me bump your bundle before I ’m soaking wet

is it bigger than a basket?
is it harder than a rock?

I have itchy fingers my oh my
to love each inch of your package

from my lips to my thighs

I want
I want
I want
I want my prezzie

what will it be?


BETTY's Itchy Fingers on Snowbiz
BETTY's Snowbiz EP
Johnny Reinhard: Raven: Atlantis

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