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Sarah Jane Morris: Press SnippetsSarah Jane Morris: Press Snippets
A singer and actress with a voice so deep it's almost subterranean and so bluesy your mind pictures her suffering the night away with a litre bottle of whiskey in hand.'
Time Out

'In a hot, sweating, packed room she gave off vibrations which ranged from Janis Joplin to Julie London, the bar room of the former, the late night sensuality of the latter.'
Financial Times

'A stroke of perversity to her lyrics.'
The Guardian

'More than a great voice, she is several great voices.'
Harpers & Queen

'Sultry and uncompromising.'
Music Week

'The boisterous Ms. Morris is on her way, aware of the pitfalls and maintaining the right to wear her bra outside her jacket.'
The Guardian

'Provocative and unorthodox.'

must be a woman worth listening to.'
Melody Maker

'Her powerful delivery recalls something of the timbre of Nina Simone, while her barn-door of a mouth and elastic lips more incongruously brought to mind Mick Jagger – a quite unforgettable combination.'
The Sunday Times

'Her cover of Loverman has been known to set off the fire sprinkler systems.'
Time Out

'Sarah Jane Morris has the kind of extensive vocal range Carole King and others must have longed for.'
Gay Times

'Her excellent voice soars and swoops with the agony and ecstasy of the delta and smoky Chicago clubs.'
Daily Telegraph

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