Why We Have Low CD Prices: Good Sense

$9 CDs????

CD store prices have stayed about the same for years, surviving arguments that to sell they should be cheaper. Sales by the major companies, who have always fixed the price point, have gone steadily down. As if CD titles were competing among themselves? They may be, but the real competition now is with download prices.

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So we knocked our prices down to $9 (with a 30% discount on all if you buy more than one copy of the same CD) to make our efforts cheaper than downloads. We like our CDs and want you to get them. For this $9, you get much better sound, ease of copying/ripping (spread the sounds by E mail to friends, please), and lavish packaging (look at the results of a four-CD play session on the floor left). You get something better for less. And you will hold it in your hand even when your iPod autodestructs (current estimated lifetime: three years) or your hard drive goes south (when, not if).

Rather than differentiate between CDs, we simply offer all at $9 each, with a shipping charge determined by our international distributor, CD Baby. Some CDs are short, at 28 minutes, several over an hour. But we didn't distinguish. Even the shortest is great-value music, whereas the longest is the bargain of the century. Full details of playing time and packaging is on the albums page.