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All photos were taken by JR Rost around 1978 unless otherwise noted. You may email JR from our Email Artists page

Cosmo Ohms adjusting the air conditioning Hilly Krystal, watching over the club...... Lisa Kristal working the club phones for Dad Johnny ’Doom’ Piccolo and Annie Golden at the Shirt House when they were a couple Johnny Piccolo at ease at the Shirts’ House, 1978. Robert Racioppo getting antsy during a photo shoot.
Robert Racioppo in repose at the Shirt House Ronnie Ardito at the Shirt House home demo studio controls Johnny ’Zeeek’ Criscione, pensive behind the drums at the Shirts’ home studio in Brooklyn The Shirts on stage at CBGBs in 1978.  Many people on a small stage. Many people in a small club. Ronnie Ardito, Artie Lamonica and Robert Racioppo ponder the meaning of life at the Shirt house.  Or maybe it’s just neck ache.... Artie Lamonica off-duty at the Shirt House
Robert Racioppo still in repose at the Shirt House The Shirts on stage at CBGBs, 1978. From left: Ronnie Ardito (guitar), Johnny Piccolo (keyboards), Robert Racioppo (bass), Annie Golden (vocals), Artie Lamonica (guitar) and Johnny Criscione (partly hidden, drums) Norman Dunn, Shirts and CBGB’s sound boss, adjusting the drum mics. Mervyn Ferguson was Hilly’s and the club’s security. There was little trouble. No-one could quite remember how John Durkin became a member of the Shirt House family. Robert Racioppo makes sure Ronnie Ardito gets it just right. Norman Dunn, long-time resident of the Shirt House, fixed everything, including CBGB's sound system. Johnny Piccolo played keyboards but also guitar. All six Shirts sang for the recordings.
Robert Racioppo during band rehearsal at the Shirt House, modeling guitar cord as jewelry. Many bands a night, often playing two sets each, meant a fast stage turnaround. Stage manager at the time was Charlie Martin. Annie Golden on stage with the Shirts, Ronnie Ardito with his back to the camera Shirts at CBGBs 1978: Annie, Artie, Ronnie Artie Lamonica: sometimes the lead vocalist... Across the Bowery from Bleecker Street to CBGBs, late at night in 1978.

Adjusting the air conditioning wasn’t possible with the band on stage. Cosmo Ohms doubled as lighting man and environmental technician.
Adjusting the air conditioning wasn’t possible with the band on stage. Cosmo Ohms doubled as lighting man and environmental technician.

The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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