Shaken Cold



We walk in moonlight for miles now
And I can hardly speak
A thousand flowers are dying now
And I can't keep from crying
I'm not the only one
Who's crying
Baby, who's crying now?

Shaken cold, before our eyes
Another ritual of sight
There's no resolution in your killing now
And not a thing can make it right
I'm not the only one
Who's crying
Baby, who's crying now?

You can pray if you want to, and don't look back
You can pray if you want to
Deny if you want to, to save yourself
Deny if you want to
You keep missing what what I'm saying
Who am I talking to?
It's just the innocence, that's murder
That gets you through

Tell me, who's crying now?



written by
Rick Shaffer & Bruce Cohen

Rick Shaffer: lead vocals & guitar
Bruce Cohen: keyboards
Laura Janisse:
Mike Thorne:
percussion & marimba
Valerie Ghent: backing vocals

The Reds: Cry Tomorrow: Shaken Cold
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