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The off-Broadway musical, music and lyrics by Genya Ravan, written and directed by Chris Henry, presented by Royal Family Productions
Fourteen sell-out shows during February 2016

“Stay a good girl for me,” the father says, extracting a vow from his younger daughter, Goldie. “Simple life. Marry nice Jewish boy. Keep Shabbos. Promise me?” “I promise,” Goldie replies, and it is no spoiler to reveal that this is a pledge she cannot keep. Obedient girls who lead ordinary lives do not get rock musicals made about them...

Exclusive interview with Genya on the opening night of Rock And Roll Musical, by Suzanna Bowling
for the Times Square Chronicles

Rock and Roll Refugee details the astounding true events of the life of Genya Ravan, the rock and roll pioneer whose early childhood encompasses being a Holocaust survivor, an immigrant in an unsettling world and the wild ride that shapes her career—as well an impromptu performance that changes her life forever.

Before she founded Goldie and The Gingerbreads, the first successful all-female rock band in 1962, Genya Ravan was Genyusha Zelkovicz, a young girl fleeing Nazi-occupied Poland with her family in search of a hopeful start in America. After passing through Ellis Island and moving to the Lower East Side of New York City, Genyusha, now "Goldie," faced grief, poverty, abuse and loss of identity. With no one to turn to, she forged her own path, and changed history.

Rock and roll refugee dance scene

“After a successful developmental workshop, when it was called Cheesecake Girl, we discovered people were riveted by Genya Ravan’s story—a member of the first successful all-female rock band, a glass-ceiling-shattering producer and a Holocaust survivor. Genya broke barriers and paved the way for countless young women to follow their dreams in the rock world. Now it’s time to hear her music in a new way, with extraordinary voices—it’s time to celebrate Genya’s triumphant story of survival.” Royal Family Artistic Director, Chris Henry

Genya Ravan with director Chris Henry, on the set of Rock and Roll Refugee"I truly hope Rock and Roll Refugee will have another life after this limited run. The source material is quite moving with room for more expansion. I am inspired to read Genya Ravan’s biography Lollipop Lounge after seeing this show, for Ms. Ravan’s inner strength and perseverance lingered in my mind long after the lights went down." Kathryn Kit,
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