Johnny Reinhard: A 2015 Catchup Biography

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Here, in his own words, is Johnny's update to his previous biography, published in 2005.

Johnny Reinhard perfomring DuneJohnny Reinhard has made a number of major contributions to music.  A virtuoso bassoonist, polymicrotonal composer, and performer on numerous musical instruments, he has premièred music from among the most accomplished contemporary composers (Haas, Sollberger, Eaton, Johnston, Vieru, Stahnke).  He has directed and produced the American Festival of Microtonal Music centered in New York City for over 35 years.  Charles Ives Universe Symphony album coverReinhard realized the Charles Ives Universe Symphony, conducting its première on June 6, 1996 in Alice Tulley Hall in New York’s Lincoln Center.  A commercially available compact disc was released in 2004 by Michael Thorne on the Stereo Society label.  Reinhard’s original compositions include: Odysseus cello concerto, Cosmic Rays string quartet, Raven sextet, Middle-Earth symphony, and a number of written solos, including Dune and Zanzibar (bassoon), Eye of Newt (alto recorder), and Zelig Mood Ring (bass trombone).   Reinhard authored the book Bach and Tuning (Peter Lang Verlag tbd).  Reinhard holds an MM from Manhattan School of Music, and a BM from the North Carolina School of the Arts, both as a bassoon major.  Reinhard introduced PITCH for the International Microtonalist in 4 issues, which was followed up with PITCH CDs (now including 17 titles).

Johnny Reinhard performing at Croatia's Fortress of KninReinhard has presented Odetta, John Zorn, David Hykes, Theodossii Spasov, Babukishan, Ed Sanders.  He has conducted première performances by Charles Ives, Edgard Varese, Harry Partch, Toby Twining, Wendy Carlos.  Featured solo performances in London’s Barbican, Paris’ Centre de Pompidou, Venice’s Teatro la Fenice, Moscow’s Alternativa Festival, Croatia’s Fortress of Knin.  Notable music partners include bass trombonist Dave Taylor, cellist Dave Eggar, violinist Tom Chiu, multi-instrumentalists Bradford Catler and Ron Kozak, guitarist Jon Catler, percussionist Rashied Ali and trumpeter Lew Soloff.  Reinhard performed an Ornette Coleman solo at the Verizon Jazz Festival to critical acclaim, sang Harry Partch in a Viking castle in Bergen, Norway, and improvised at music venues in Sapporo (Japan), Kazan (Tartarstan, Russia), St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada) and Monterrey (Mexico).

In the past four years, Johnny Reinhard has been working almost exclusively with a tuning system called most simply: 128.  This is the number of pitches in each octave found above the fundamental “A” at 440 herz.  Their origin is the 8th octave of the overtone series.  Reinhard wrote a paper to explain its “raison d’etre” (read it here) and has developed an international ensemble of 128 virtuosi, including Philipp Gerschlauer (saxophone, Berlin), Jeroen Paul Thesseling (fretless electric bass, Amsterdam), Tolgahan Cogulu (microtonal guitar, Istanbul).  Two commercially released recordings in 128 are titled True and Imagine in 128 and are available from Albany Music  Distribution and CD Baby.

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