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This Is A Reds Alert!
Interview by Jock Vance
The Reds.   The name itself should tell you all you need to know.  Emotion. Intensity. A hint of danger. This is a band that exists very near the edge, and one that is not afraid of venturing over. And if they go, they plan to take you right along with them.  It's a daring musical ideal, much in the same spirit of adventure that characterized the Doors and the Stooges, but it's one to which keyboardist Bruce Cohen and guitarist/vocalist Rick Shaffer display a refreshing degree of commitment. The two Philadelphians are torch-bearers, upholding the tradition of experimentation that......

Cry Tomorrow

Newly reworked album:
Cry Tomorrow
Record reviews:
Cry Tomorrow (1994/99)
Shake Appeal (1984)

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"I came across the Reds while trying to find the component tracks for the soundtrack to Michael Mann`s excellent "Manhunter" film on the `net. These guys just sound awesome...........there`s no other way of putting it. I`ve rarely heard synth and guitar meld so completely in music, and vocals that literally growl and menace you from the speakers! There is not a bad track on this album, in fact there`s not even a mediocre one.! An album that seems to tie you in knots while you listen to it.
Music for damaged souls - listen and remember the dark times if you dare!"
J R Berryman, March 2003
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Shakin' With The Reds
Interview by Terry Burman, Stereo Guide
Survival. That's what Philadelphia's the Reds have struggled with since the beginning. It hasn't been easy for them. The band debuted on A&M in 1979 with a self-titled album. An EP followed containing a hot version of the Doors' classic Break On
Through. The tune typified The Reds' approach: dark, moody and volatile.....

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