Outside Door

The Reds: Cry Tomorrow: Outside Door


Ask me now: do I get lonely?
Lonely Town's a place I'd rather be
Holding out so they won't own me
Trying hard so you can understand

Every time it gets a little colder
Finding out it's harder to begin
A new life don't seem to change much
Ain't no use in trying to pretend

Are you with me now?
Do you still believe?
Will you stand with me
When others disbelieve?
It was not so wrong
Just to disagree

Now I'm standing on the outside door

Once you start you just can't stop it
Knowing what you'll find, my friend
Looks like your heart's been broken
You're in lonely town, trying to find an end

written by
Rick Shaffer

Rick Shaffer: lead vocals & guitar
Bruce Cohen: keyboards
Laura Janisse:
Mike Thorne:
backing vocals, drums, bass, drums & percussion
Jason Appleton: backing vocals

Zob stick played live at CBGB's, New York

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