The Stereo Society's Musical Mission

Once upon a time, you listened to music with open ears.  You looked for something different and stimulating.  When labels and categories and marketing didn’t matter so much as if something unusual grabbed at your ears.

The world changes.  Used to be, you could make new and different music and if it worked and did it for the big wide people you’d have a hit.  That worked pretty well in the old big music business structure.  No longer. Let’s see if we can get something going again.

We think that music shouldn’t have restricting categories and definitions.  To get filed and neutralized in some harmless corner - no thanks.  Fresh, honest music should just move and rattle you a bit.  That’s why what we make and sell is all over the place, stylistically.  We just believe that it works, and that’s that.

At the Stereo Society, we try to continue to produce different and exciting new music, and to the highest level. You can check out our music from the CD covers below, even download large free chunks. There are also song downloads for sale and for free. All the music is different from each other and from anything else. We'd like to keep it that way as we add to the collection.