Hilly Kristal: Mad Mordechai

Hilly Kristal: Mad Mordechai CD

Recorded and mixed at the Stereo Society

Acoustic guitar and voice: Hilly Kristal
Electric guitar: Rick Shaffer
Backing vocals: Tish and Snooky
Basic instruments: Mike Thorne

Everybody's Buddy
There Was A Time
Birds And The Bees
'Sno Joke
If I Could Call On You
Rock 'n' Roll Jackson

An Unauthorized Liner Note
Hilly Kristal is a traditional kind of character, and his record deserves a traditional sleeve note.  Most people know him only as the owner of CBGB, the rock and roll club on the Bowery in New York City, now possibly the most famous in the world.

For over 30 years it has been a focus for the city's pop music invention. 

Fewer people know that he sang on the stage of Radio City......

A Muddy History - read about the making of Mud

Mad Mordechai is Hilly Kristal's only ever CD, containing a long 1991 version of his classic Mud . The little wiggly pig dances on.....

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