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Lene Lovich in 2005

by Kurt Reighley

Since Lene Lovich burst onto the scene with her 1979 hit single "Lucky Number," ushering in the New Wave era, her life has been defined by an unyielding commitment to the arts and activism. She starred in the French television film Rock, costarred (with Nina Hagen and Herman Brood) in the motion picture Cha-Cha, and co-wrote and played the lead in the London stage play Mata Hari. She co-wrote the score to the short film Alpha Girls, and also wrote the libretto for the opera The Collector, and recorded Peter Hammill and Judge Smith's opera Fall of the House of Usher. She recorded and toured...

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Original Writing

Lene Lovich in Highbury FieldsJoy Of Sound

I had a disturbed childhood, growing up in Detroit.  My imagination - the places I could go to, and the things I found there, was often my only sanctuary.  It wasn't long before I discovered that there was a great therapeutic value in making a noise...

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Legacy: original fiction

Corrie came closer to the fire.  She stood there a while, then shivered.  Pa was watching.  Slowly, she stretched her thirteen-year-old fingers as far as she dared towards the warmth...

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Writing Notes

An introduction by
Lene Lovich

I couldn't possibly list my favorite novels or authors.  I certainly couldn't list them in any order of merit.  Sometimes it's the story, and sometimes it's the way it's told, that makes the book special.

Lene Lovich during the Sprawl recording sessions

Novels can be brilliant in some parts and tedious in others.  What I do know is that I now have tremendous respect for anyone who writes a novel.  It's a big job.

One book that had considerable effect on me is, 'The Night Of The Hunter' by Davis Grubb.  It was made into a movie starring...

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