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Before eventually concentrating solely on songwriting, Kit recorded two major-release solo albums: Spirits Walking Out and School For Spies. We offer streaming audio versions of selected tracks, with comments from Kit on the background to the songs.

Kit Hain sings principal vocals on
The Contessa's Partythese Contessa's Party tracks:
Dirty City
Tuesday Morning


Kit Hain sings principal vocals on
Sprawlthese Sprawl tracks:
A Flower Opens Gently By
From Me To You
Pretty Vacant
Toys Take Over

Marshall Hain (History Part 1)
Dancing In The City

From those one-hit wonders, Marshall Hain.  The first of the Brit  Duos, if the world did but know it (the Eurythmics were still a band [then the Tourists] with  this blonde singer in it at the time).....

  Kit Hain has seen major success as a singer and soloist, but she made a deliberate decision to concentrate on songwriting and the lower profile that comes with it.

We present an interview, recorded in New York June 10, 1999.

Marshall Hain (History Part 2)
Tip for the Top (Disco Fever, July 1978)
Julian Marshall and Kit Hain have known each other since their days at Dartington Hall School. But although they were both involved in school bands they didn't really play together. And when school days were over Kit went to Durham UKit Hain and a young guitarniversity, while Julian pursued his music at The Royal College of Music, London.

Although Kit was studying psychology at university she also began to write songs and singing folk music. She progressed to a jazz rock outfit, after leaving college still had no thoughts of turning professional. Spells as a worker in the probation scheme and teaching infants followed - until.....

Sprawl The Contessa's Party