Jungle Jane

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Lyrics: Alyson Palmer
Music: BETTY


oh ooh


it’s a jungle

it’s a jungle...jane!

BETTY: Carnival: Jungle Jane

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a cold virgin mai-tai
might ice the fire a sea
breeze a rum shower
could chill the pyre
how restless the city
this savage july!
señor por favor one more

you sashay over
ride that beat lumbering by
snatch a seat from the python
smack that nasty tse-tse fly
dodge the zombie
dig the quicksand
duck the burning village eyes
stay in cinzano shadows ‘til you
rip that cocoon open wide

vile venomous things
crawl and creep like they own the ground
climb a vine swing to my cafe campsite
pluck a bud and suck it down
wait ‘til the sun lies dying then
spank that tom-tom ‘til it cries

when the moon is a slice of lime shave ice
melting high in the skyscraper night
feel the pull of the tide slow and strong
side by side

see the girls dancing free running wild
zombies! quicksand! burning village eyes!
hail to the huntress
my time has come to rise
dig it

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