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"The number of pitches is infinite ... just because more importance is placed on the Western system today does not mean it's the best." Johnny Reinhard, from his 8th Octave Overtone Tuning paper

"I didn't believe it was even possible, but this album is proof positive that improvisation using higher harmonics produces incredible musical relationships, again and again." Johnny Reinhard, on his Imagine In 128 album

Watch the video of Oak in 128 tuning, from the 2014 MicroFEST NYC:

Johnny Reinhard, bassoon, Michael Hafftka, fretless guitar,
Jeroen Thesseling, fretless bass

True is the first album by Johnny Reinhard in higher harmonics tuning, a scale of 128 notes outlined by the 8th octave of the overtone series, but here for bassoon and strings - and a multitude of other musical sources - in an improvisatory style.

In the past four years, Johnny Reinhard has been working almost exclusively with the 128 tuning system.  This is the number of pitches in each octave found above the fundamental “A” at 440 herz.  Their origin is the 8th octave of the overtone series.  Reinhard wrote a paper to explain its “raison d’etre” (read it here) and has developed an international ensemble of 128 virtuosi, including Philipp Gerschlauer (saxophone, Berlin), Jeroen Paul Thesseling (fretless electric bass, Amsterdam), Tolgahan Cogulu (microtonal guitar, Istanbul).  Two commercially released recordings in 128 are titled True and Imagine in 128 and are available from Albany Music  Distribution and CD Baby.

Johnny's albums

Album cover - Johnny Reinhard, Imagine2014
Imagine In 128
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Album cover - Johnny Reinhard, Raven2014
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Album cover - Johnny Reinhard's realisation of Charles Ives' Universe Symphony2005
Universe Symphony
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Download a bundle of four five-minute excerpts 18Mb) mp3 | m4a

Album cover - Johnny Reinhard's Odysseus2005
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Album cover - Johnny Reinhard, Raven1999
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Download a bundle of nine long track excerpts (19Mb): mp3 | m4a

Johnny Reinhard at the 2015 AFMM

At the 2015 AFMM

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