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Johnny Reinhard talking with violinist Richard Carr, at the opening night of the 2015 AFMMWhen it comes to concert music, Johnny Reinhard has done it all. He is a celebrated composer, conductor, performer, teacher and commentator.
A native New Yorker, Reinhard is director and founder of the American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM) for 25 years, specializing in all manner of microtonal performance. Reinhard performs as a virtuoso bassoonist, as well as on the recorder, and as a vocalist specializing in the works of American microtonal pioneer Harry Partch.
Reinhard has performed as a soloist throughout Europe and the United States, Japan, Canada, and Russia...

Read the rest of Johnny's 2005 biography. Then get up-to-date by reading the 2015 catchup biography, in Johnny's own words.

Johnny Reinhard Talks About The Universe (2005 interview)

Universe Symphony album cover The 'father of American music', Charles Ives was a tireless experimeter. This piece [The Universe Symphony] is the composer's most ambitious, and his masterpiece. He begged others to finish it. Finally, Johnny Reinhard did.

Johnny was interviewed by Mike Thorne just before the Stereo Society's release of its first published recording. At the Stereo Society, May 3 2005, nearly ten years later. Johnny reflects on the enormous task and some of the issues.

Read the text, listen to Johnny's answers...

I first focused on microtonality as a player. I wanted to develop the bassoon compositionally by encouraging composers to write for me; I just wasn't satisfied with the available repertoire. I didn't care much for the published works of the bassoon. There's a certain standoffishness that institutions have towards the instrument compared with instruments like violin and piano, let alone flute.

Continue reading Johnny's 1998 interview with Mike Thorne

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