First Love Song

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You are the only love song I've ever sung
I've ever sung without pain that makes me sing
I know you heard me when I say
You are the only one
I hope to have a place for what I bring

You've taken my heart
You've taken my heart without going away
I know you knew from the start
You were the only one I ever really wanted to stay
I really wanted to stayMore than once in my life
I have found out
I have thought about making this woman a wife.
Only once in that time
Have I thought that together
We could stay within a reach of my mind

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You are the first love song I've ever sung
Sung without the pain that has made me sing
You are the only one.
I hold to have
Hold to have a place for what I bring

Primary vocals: Sarah Jane Morris
Vocalise: Lene Lovich
Horn section: The Uptown Horns

written by Tim Hardin