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If you would like to send a message to any of the musicians, photographers, writers and so on associated with the Stereo Society, please select their name from the list below, enter your name and Email address, type your message in the box below, then click on the 'Send E mail' button.  Use the 'Reset form' button if you need to clear and restart.

Please allow some time for response, since people may be buried in the studio or out on the road.  Or just watching TV (although that's not encouraged, of course).

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Carl Beatty Carol Lipnik JR Rost
BETTY Lene Lovich Allan Schwartzberg
Jimmy Biondolillo Glen Matlock Rick Shaffer
Amy Caramante Jonnie Miles The Shirts
Crispin Cioe James Mokarry Mike Thorne
Bruce Cohen Sarah Jane Morris The Uptown Horns
Richard Coles Alyson Palmer Wire
Don 'The Gong' Conreaux Adam Peters Amy Ziff
Larry Etkin Genya Ravan Elizabeth Ziff
Bob Funk The Reds    
Kit Hain Johnny Reinhard    
Arno Hecht Barry Reynolds    
Hilly Kristal James Rosenthal    

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