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Free Music Downloads
Here are selected album tracks available for free download. We also offer exclusive remixes and many curious historical items unavailable elsewhere. Note that you can now download large chunks of our music tracks, so you can check them out offline. Most CDs have a bundle of long excerpts that you can conveniently download all in one go.
Wide range of hi-res graphics: detailed musical scores, scans of long-gone
LP covers, a Lene Lovich poster, or 1977 color Xerox fliers from
the punk-central Roxy Club in London, extensive Charles Ives archive, studio photos, posters, current CD covers and much more.
DJ Corner
The DJ Corner offers over 100 mp3 samples from our Sprawl and Carnival albums. Use them as playthings or, if you're a pro, kindly drive the dance floor crazy.
Varied material, including several extensive texts and QuickTime VR of our studio and sessions. There are several historic QTVRs from 1996, at CBGB's, when we were a beta test site for Apple and the technology was in its infancy.
Music Downloads For Sale
All music at the Stereo Society is offered for download sale. You can access our tracks at around 150 sites worldwide, including iTunes. Link directly from this page to our music at iTunes USA, or click through a list of international download sites.